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APA, others prevail in copyright litigation

February 16, 2017, APA Press Release
Federal judge finds copyright infringed on educational standards developed by APA, American Research Association and National Council on Measurement in Education.

A growing wave of online therapy

February 15, 2017, APA Monitor on Psychology
Flexible nature of services benefits clients and providers, but psychologists must be careful to comply with federal and state laws.

Low birth weight babies at higher mental health risk

February 13, 2017, APA Press Release
Babies born with extremely low birth weight more likely to experience particular mental health problems beginning in childhood and extending at least through their 30s.

Love your job? Share your story

February 6, 2017, APA Center for Organizational Excellence
Center for Organizational Excellence seeks submissions during February.

Deception detection

January 23, 2017, APA Monitor on Psychology
Researchers have developed new strategies to help police and other investigators catch liars in the act.

Seven steps to finding the right advisor

January 23, 2017, APA Monitor on Psychology
Your success as a graduate student in research psychology may depend on it. Here's advice from experts on finding the best fit

APA January 2017 news briefs

January 17, 2017, Monitor on Psychology
APA marks its 125th anniversary; APA building earns top rank for efficiency and sustainability; new podcasts; and more.

A new NFL playbook: Enhancing mental health

January 11, 2017, APA Monitor on Psychology
Psychologists help National Football League identify and support players who may be struggling with depression, stress, career transitions and other challenges.